Mission statement and core values

DREI V has been committed to developing and producing tailored shipping products for over 40 years. The focus is always on simplicity, safety and environmental compatibility – true to the motto: packaging done right.

The 3 core values of our company govern the activities of all employees:

  • 1Inspire through competency
  • 2Innovation as a driver for success
  • 3Yes to responsibility

Competence instead of compromise

At DREI V, we always think in terms of solutions and can draw on decades of experience in the field of shipping products. Numerous patents pay testament to our capability: Development, production and logistics - all from one source. With DREI V, you rely on full-service production with the highest quality standards. From initial concept to production, our product developers and process engineers work closely together. The functionality of the product and the guarantee of a consistently high processing quality are at the forefront of packaging development and production. This includes the entire manufacturing process from printing, stamping and gluing to the application of films using the latest manufacturing technology.

„The second-best solution is not an alternative to optimal shipping packaging.“
Hans Reinhart
Owner DREI V GmbH

Individual packaging solutions from a single source

As the saying goes: if you want something done well, do it yourself. That’s why all DREI V corrugated cardboard products are developed, realised and also manufactured in house. This even goes as far as us producing and optimising some of our own high performance machinery for the manufacturing of our shipping products, so that a new dimension in speed and precision can be achieved through innovative technology.

DREI V’s drop-test studio – professional like our shipping products!

Good packaging should protect the contents. At DREI V every shipping product is tested in our own drop-test studio according to the stringent criteria of the DREI V testing standard – regardless of whether it’s customised corrugated cardboard inserts or universal packaging. Only once a new shipping solution fulfils all the requirements of material quality, design stability and package handling is the green light given for it to go on production.