Packaging done right

We are proud of our Bavarian roots. With our company situated to the east of Munich (Kirchheim-Heimstetten), we take great pleasure in being able to contribute to shaping the success story of this economic region.

“Never settle for second best.” Ever since the company was founded in 1982, this has been DREI V’s daily motivation and aim. The result: today DREI V ranks among the leading manufacturers of high-quality, innovative corrugated cardboard packaging solutions.

DREI V’s name stands for “Verpackung, Verpacken, Versenden” (packaging, packing and posting) – i.e. the entire shipping process – from developing the shipment to sending it out for dispatch. That’s why we are always able to keep the most important element in mind – the customers – when developing and improving our products every day.

With our range of patents like the DREI V security closure and details including utility model protection, we offer a high degree of innovation. And always with one clear goal in mind: to find the best solution to meet the exacting demands of shipping packaging made by our customers.

DREI V’s shipping products represent an intelligent cost saving programme for your business. They are tailored to your professional needs: additional filling material like padding paper or extra adhesive strips? Unnecessary. This results in perfect handling. All DREI V shipping products follow our three point philosophy: packed quickly, sealed quickly, sent securely.

DREI V packaging therefore reduces the time needed to ship goods to record levels. You save materials, time and money. Suddenly, shipping becomes an optimised link in your value chain. The result: maximum efficiency.

The philosophy of DREI V


Individual packaging solutions from a single source

As the saying goes: if you want something done well, do it yourself. That’s why all DREI V corrugated cardboard products are developed, realised and also manufactured in house.

This even goes as far as us producing and optimising some of our own high performance machinery for the manufacturing of our shipping products. In this way, our angle gluing machines are able to benefit from innovative technology and achieve new dimensions in speed and precision.

Drop-test studio

DREI V’s drop-test studio – professional like our shipping products!

Those sending a package by post or courier today are reliant on careful handling during the shipment as well as secure packaging. In some instances, the shipment is reloaded on the way to the recipient several times, sorted by machine or subject to careless bumps and damages. Good packaging should protect the contents in spite of these factors.

At DREI V every shipping product is tested in our own drop-test studio according to the stringent criteria of the DREI V testing standard – regardless of whether it’s customised corrugated cardboard inserts or universal packaging. Only once a new shipping solution fulfils all the requirements of material quality, design stability and package handling is the green light given for it to go on production. You can find out which tests DREI V’s packaging is subjected to by taking a look behind the scenes in our very own drop-test studio.