With responsibility and distinction

As a responsible company, DREI V GmbH has been making a clear commitment to sustainability for many years. What does that mean in concrete terms for an established company in Bavaria that has been producing and offering innovative shipping packaging solutions made of solid and corrugated board for over 40 years?

"We want to make our ecological footprint as slim as possible and thus even more environmentally friendly," explains CEO Hans Reinhart. To achieve this ambitious goal, which is vital for our world, DREI V GmbH is pursuing several paths in parallel:

FSC® certification* for all DREI V shipping packaging products

Raw materials for the production of the various DREI V shipping packaging products are purchased exclusively with FSC® certification. FSC® stands for the "Forest Stewardship Council", which is committed to ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically profitable management of our forests worldwide. In essence, it is about responsible forest management so that future generations can still live in an intact natural environment.

FSC® - das Logo für eine verantwortungsvolle Waldwirtschaft.
(*Quelle: FSC®: www.fsc-deutschland.de)

ISO14001 - the environmental management system standard*

This international standard, which of course also applies at DREI V, is a cross-industry standard for globally accepted and applied environmental management systems. It sets out the requirements by which an organisation can improve its environmental performance, meet legal and other obligations and achieve environmental goals.

The 4 key elements of ISO 14001 are:

  • Planning: Establishing environmental objectives and corresponding measures, responsibilities and procedures
  • ­Implementation: Implementation of the defined measures and procedures
  • Control: Review of the responsibilities and procedures as well as the measures with regard to the environmental goals and the environmental guidelines (so-called "environmental policy") of the organisation
  • Improvement: Adjustment of responsibilities, procedures and measures and, if necessary, also of the environmental goals and guidelines

(*Source: Federal Environment Agency: www.umweltbundesamt.de)

The environmental management system standard ISO 14001.

Eco-labels on corrugated board shipping packaging

What do the different eco-labels on corrugated board shipping packaging mean? They tell environmentally conscious consumers at first glance what material or raw material a package was made from, whether it is sustainably sourced raw material (for example, FSC-certified corrugated board) and what the product's recycling properties are (for example, pure corrugated board can be fully recycled).

With its own international recycling logo, DREI V GmbH wants to encourage its customers to put the valuable raw material into the recycling process and not into household waste.

The eco-signet of the Verband der Wellpappen-Industrie e.V. (Association of the Corrugated Board Industry) identifies corrugated board packaging as an environmentally compatible recycled product.

A RESY logo on paper or corrugated board packaging guarantees total disposal and material recycling.

Prestigious awards for environmentally friendly products

As one of the leading manufacturers of shipping packaging made of solid and corrugated board, DREI V GmbH has also long since earned a reputation for environmentally friendly product innovations. This has already earned numerous national and international awards for individual products in the past, such as the German Design Award Special 2016, the German Packaging Award 2022 and the Worldstar Award for Packaging Excellence in 2023. We are particularly proud of this, as we see it as an appreciation and incentive for the further development of resource-saving packaging solutions.

Example SAFEBOX - our double winner

In 2018, DREI V GmbH won the German Packaging Award in the category "Logistics & Material Flow" for the precision-fit shipping box SAFEBOX made of brown corrugated board and in 2019 the "Worldstar Award for Packaging Excellence".

The SAFEBOX is a pure paper-fixed packaging and was designed as a single-material or mono packaging. It consists exclusively of corrugated board and kraft paper, which can be used to securely fix the packaged goods. The advantages are obvious, explains developer and managing director Achim Riedel: "Avoidance of unnecessary filling materials, environmentally friendly disposal in waste paper, volume reduction thanks to optimised design and the associated reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Participation in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact*

Voluntarily and out of genuine conviction, DREI V GmbH also actively participates in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact. This agreement between the Bavarian state government and the Bavarian economy aims to jointly strengthen the environment and the economy by, among other things, using raw materials efficiently and sustainably, preserving biodiversity, limiting climate change and advancing the energy transition.

The Environmental and Climate Pact of Bavaria sees itself as an initiator for new ways, methods and topics with the goal of sustainable development in Bavaria. The overarching goal is to improve the ecological, economic and social foundations of current and future generations in Bavaria.

DREI V GmbH is a member of the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact.
(*Source: Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection: www.stmuv.bayern.de)